Oct. 11, 2018 (Belton, Honea-Path, S.C.) — The last several years we have witnessed a surge in manufacturing companies arriving in Anderson County. The common theme presented has been “we need workers.” Our public schools have many students going into the workforce from the existing Anderson 1 & 2 Career Center and the new Anderson 3,4, & 5 Career Center that will open next fall. Unfortunately, many more of our high school students are waiting in the wings trying to either enroll in these Career Centers because they are at capacity or pursuing other options that do not provide them with necessary workforce-ready skills.

Belton Honea-Path High School has taken the initiative to bring these skills to our students. This school year we have opened our Introduction to Manufacturing classroom that will serve over 100 students with state of the art equipment. We feel strongly that our students must put their hands on high tech equipment before leaving high school to aid them in making decisions for their future. Some of the equipment that will be introduced include: CNC Laser Engraver/Cutter, 12” X 36” Metal Lathe, Metal Milling Machine, Toyota Forklift. In addition, various trainer kits will be used to teach Pneumatics, Hydraulics, PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), Mechanical Systems and Electrical Circuits.

We look forward to providing our area businesses the workforce it is demanding. Mr. Kevin Craft, President/Owner – IMS Belton, commented after touring the class, “Touring this class I was very impressed with all the equipment all the way down to how organized each toolbox was laid out. This teaches the students to pay attention to details. As a General & Mechanical Contractor in Anderson School District Two, we need a class like this to prepare our students with the skills I need them to have to begin working for me upon high school graduation.”

According to Mr. Greg Tysl, Vice-President of Manufacturing at Med-line Industries, Inc.,
“This new manufacturing program will have a significant impact for students looking for a career path opportunity. High-tech manufacturing job opportunities are increasing in Anderson County, and students fortunate enough to be in the BHP manufacturing program will have skill sets that will be advantageous for these high paying jobs.”

Our students at BHP will graduate high school with skills most businesses are teaching upon employment. Anderson School District Two students will be prepared for Anderson County manufacturing jobs!

For more information, contact:

  • Burriss Nelson, Anderson County Economic Development, 864-260-4386,
  • Richard Rosenberger, Anderson County School District 2,