October 17, 2018 [Anderson, S.C.]  National Disabilities Employment Month is October. Through several initiatives, multiple manufacturers throughout Anderson County are using Vocational Rehabilitation along with other resources to give their clients an equal job opportunity in their facilities.

At the Anderson County Manufacturer’s Alliance meeting on October 17, 2018, Anderson County Economic Development recognized several manufacturers that use these resources. Among those were Walgreen’s Distribution Center, McLaughlin Body Company, City of Anderson and Sargent Metal Fabrications.

Sargent Metal Fabrications was also awarded with the Anderson Mayor Committee Award, which puts them on the committee with all other Mayor Award winners for their respective city, to help elect the Governor’s Committee Award winner. Sargent Metals uses Vocational Rehabilitation to help with the selection of some of their candidates for employment in their weather stripping assembly and packing departments.

The City of Anderson was the recipient of the 2018 Employer Impact of the Year Award.  Through various initiatives, the City has completely rethought the way they hire employees and give everyone an equal opportunity for employment. Once hired, they continue to do routine check ins and are accommodating with any employee needs.

The Vocational Rehabilitation videos, linked below, are testimonials and examples of employees that are successful through this program and in their career. They are given an equal chance to earn pay and also are set up for success by both Vocational Rehabilitation as well as the employer.

Walgreen’s Distribution Center provides employees with disabilities to have key roles throughout the distribution center that aid in the success of everyday tasks. The video below highlights how they do that and the success they have had.

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