The Upstate of South Carolina has more than 14,000 miles of state- and county- maintained highways. Among these are several major interstate systems. Interstate 85 is the backbone of the manufacturing region. Passing thru the Upstate, I-85 connects the south with the northeast. Thirty-seven miles of I-85 frontage is located in Anderson County-more than any county in the Upstate. Anderson is only 30 miles south of I-385-the major connector to the Port of Charleston-and 50 miles south of I-26.

Electricity Providers


Duke Energy

Duke Energy’s Carolina’s operations include nuclear, coal-fired, natural gas and hydroelectric generation. That diverse fuel mix provides nearly 19,000 net megawatts of electricity to approximately 2.4 million electric customers in a 2,000-square-mile service area of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Duke Energy, one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, supplies and delivers electricity to approximately 4 million U.S. customers and natural as service to approximately 520,000 customers in its regulated jurisdictions. The company has approximately 35,000 net megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Midwest and the Carolina’s, and natural gas distribution services in Ohio and Kentucky. In addition, Duke Energy has more than 4,000 net megawatts of electric generation in Latin America, and is a joint-venture partner in a U.S. real estate company.

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Duke Energy is a Fortune 500 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DUK. More information about the company is available on the Internet at:


Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative Inc,

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative provides electric power service to over 63,000 industrial, commercial, and residential customers in a five-county service area, including more than 8,100 accounts in northern Anderson County. Established in 1940, Blue Ridge is a nonprofit, customer-owned power supplier. The cooperative’s subsidiary organization, Blue Ridge Security Systems, is headquartered on Fant Street in Anderson.


Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper is a state-owned electric and water utility, and the nation’s fourth largest public-power system, providing power to 1.1 million South Carolinians. Santee Cooper operates a $275 million power plant in Anderson County near the town of Starr.

Water Providers

  Anderson Regional Water Association 

Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWA) located in Anderson, SC is a partnership of rural and municipal water districts devoted to providing a high-quality, clean, safe, reliable, economical flow of processed water to its wholesale customers. The plant’s current capacity is 42.80 million gallons a day (MGD). With the latest on-going expansion project, the capacity will be taken to 48 MGD by 2009 and then to 50 MGD by 2010. The processed water is distributed to approximately 16,000 general service, industrial, and residential customers in the greater Anderson area, nine water companies, and cities of Anderson, Central, Clemson, Pendleton, Williamston, and Clemson University.

Waste Treatment

Several different entities, including the Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), Anderson County, the City of Anderson, and the Cities of Clemson and Pendleton, provide wastewater treatment services in Anderson County. ReWa operates the
Piedmont plant, which serves the area along the Saluda River in the northern part of the county. Anderson County operates the Six and Twenty Treatment Plant while the City of Anderson operates the Rocky River and the Generostee plants. The Cities of Clemson and Pendleton jointly own a wastewater treatment plant on Eighteen Mile Creek. This plant serves the Clemson University-Advanced Materials Center and surrounding areas. In addition, the Cities of Belton and Williamston operate wastewater treatment facilities. There is sufficient treatment capacity to handle future growth. In 1998, the capacity of treatment plants was 18.7 mgd. with an average daily flow rate of 10.12 mgd.

Natural Gas Providers

Piedmont Natural Gas, Inc.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc., incorporated in 1950, is an energy and services company primarily engaged in the transportation and sale of natural gas and the sale of propane to over 920,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Piedmont has served the Anderson area since 1951. The company is the second-largest natural gas utility in the Southeast, serving more than 600,000 customers. The company and its non-utility subsidiaries and divisions are also engaged in acquiring, marketing and arranging for the transportation and storage of natural gas for large-volume purchasers, in retailing residential and commercial gas appliances and in the sale of propane to over 48,000 customers in the company’s three state area.

Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority

Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority, a non-profit organization, was established in 1952 with pipeline construction beginning in 1955. Due to the economic growth and high demand of natural gas, the Fort Hill Natural Gas customer base has more than doubled in size within the last 10 years serving approximately 34,500 customers within the service area of Pickens, Oconee and northern Anderson counties.

Telecommunication Providers


AT&T has installed a state-of-the-art telecommunications network in Anderson County. The digital fiber optic network that has been deployed allows residential and business customers to obtain a vast array of voice, video and data communications services. This network has been designed and engineered to provide highly reliable service because businesses have grown to rely on the speed, clarity and capacity of digital fiber optic communications. AT&T began providing telephone service in Anderson County in 1906. Millions of dollars in capital have been invested to ensure that the network exceeds the communications requirements of the company’s subscribers. AT&T is a $20 billion communications services company, which provides telecommunications, wireless communications, directory advertising and publishing, video, Internet and information services to more than 29 million customers in 20 countries worldwide.

West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative

West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative provides local service in the Starr and Iva areas of the County.

Long-Distance Providers

There are many long-distance carriers in the Anderson Area, including: AT&T Long-Distance Services, LDDS Communications, Long-Distance America, MCI Telecommunications Co., South Carolina Net and Sprint

Community Connect

CommunityConnect is a single-source provider of leading-edge voice and data communications technology. They provide a comprehensive product array and are dedicated to building and maintaining true business partnerships with their customers. Their services include Internet Voice Unlimited, Webhosting Services, Managed Services, Network Services, Equipment Services, VoIP. Their focus is to simplify small business communications with solutions that improve
performance and productivity.

Cellular /Telephone & Internet Providers

AT&T, ALLTEL, SunCom and Sprint Cellular and Verizon provide cellular telephone services in the Anderson area.

Charter Communications

Charter Communications, Inc. is a leading broadband communications company and the third largest publicly traded cable operator in the United States. Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services, including advanced Digital Cable video entertainment programming, Charter High-Speed Internet access service, and Charter Telephone services. Charter Business similarly provides scalable, tailored and cost-effective broadband communications solutions to business organizations, such as business-to-business internet access, data networking, video and music entertainment services, and business telephone.

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General Information

Anderson County is situated in the northwestern corner of South Carolina. Located along the I-85 corridor, otherwise known as the “Boom Belt”. The County is geographically centered between Atlanta, GA (122 miles) and Charlotte, NC (127 miles). The City of Anderson is located 113 miles from Columbia, SC and 217 miles from the port city of Charleston. From the City of Anderson, travel time is just under one hour to the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, approximately two hours to Atlanta Harts field Airport and the Charlotte Douglas Airport

Major Routes

Interstate 85 is the backbone of the Upstate manufacturing region. Passing through the Upstate, I-85 connects the South with the Northeast. Thirty-seven miles of I-85 frontage is located in Anderson County- more than any county in the Upstate. Anderson is only thirty minutes south of I-385- the major connector to the Port of Charleston and fifty miles south of I-26.

Motor Freight

The Southern Connector, connects I-85 and SC 153 to I-385, and is located in Greenville and Anderson Counties. This connector shortens travel time from Anderson to both Columbia and Charleston.

All major eastern markets are within two days travel-time for trucking.

Anderson’s strategic location enables overnight trucking service to most of the Southeast.

Second-morning delivery to any destination on the east coast is available.

One-day trucking service reaches 44 percent of the country’s population and 27 percent of the nation’s manufacturing output.